Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cafe Bonsai-Sanur Bali

The cafe bonsai in sanur beach, in the island of bali, is the centre for bonsai, with a collection of over 1000 trees! this wonderfull space is the work of bonsai masters Wayan Jelantik Yana and Made Suadnyana. the Pemphis Acidula is everywhere, as it is the most apropriate local species for bonsai training, together with some ficus varieties, a lonely pinus casuarina and various tropical trees and shrubs, some with great flowers. did so many pictures here that it will take time to post them all....:)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Bonsai Cafe- Sanur Beach- Bali

indonesia- ficus and others

NZ 3

new zealand 2


another pohutukawa
acer palmatum with its natural habit in a botanic garden in welligton
details of the former tree
this one i don´t know the species, but here it goes anyway, beautiful trunk
metrosideros robusta, the NZ christmas tree, very widely planted nowadays in portugal ( to all the readers from porto, just think about the beauties that stand in Foz, just before you get to castelo do queijo)
araucaria heterophila
another ginkgo
a ginkgo biloba by a lake. this and the next pic shows how different the spreading habit of gikgos can be
criptomeria japonica
this pohutukawa (metrosideros excelsea) is growing with its roots over a rock wich stands at 2.5 meters high. one of the best trees i´ve seen for bonsai inspiration, the pohutukawa grows on sea sides and cliffs, and gets to be really huge with the most beautifull nebary and branch systems.
Just look at these amazing roots...